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1st Product Photographer

It didn’t take Chesel long to land in Montreal, but he did make a few stops along the way. He completed an undergraduate degree in Philosophy in Halifax, spent four summers planting trees in B.C. and taught English in the subarctic community of Kuujjuaq before joining the Studio Cody Caissie team as Product Photographer and Copywriter. Of course, there are some other details in there - like how he learned to use a camera.

Essentially, he worked on photography throughout school, work and travels, and he continues to keep his camera close in work and life. His professional training came from NSCAD University in Halifax where he spent many days and nights in the darkroom printing photos for local exhibits. With dedication to the craft of art photography, Chesel honed a very careful eye. Every shot matters with analogue, and when he works with you, he has that exact level of commitment to craft and production.

Outside the studio, Chesel now works with both analog and digital technologies, and he loves every step of the process: taking pictures, developing film, darkroom work and digital post-production. Of course, photography isn’t the only thing he does. Chesel is also an avid cyclist, cook, reader and someone to give a great book recommendation every now and then (even during professional biographies). Current suggestion: “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara.

In the studio, Chesel works closely with Cody on all products coming in and out of the studio. If you come by, you’ll find him creating sets for a client, shooting a new round of products or writing some copy for the company or a client.

He promises, he doesn’t usually speak in the third person.

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