Cody Caissie

Director of Production & Lead Photographer

There’s a reason this studio has it’s name; Cody Caissie built it from the ground up. Even during his first full-time photography position at Beyond The Rack, Cody spent his time off… well, working. He built his business: practiced photographic techniques, studied business strategies, built his network and repeated the process over and over. Cody has worked his 10,000 hours in the field. And it certainly shows.

Born in Chipman, New Brunswick (population 1,100) with a keen photographic eye, Cody was absorbed by photography at a young age. He had his camera on him throughout his younger years and quickly received his Diploma in Fine Craft Photography from New Brunswick College of Craft and Design with the Duffy Award as the graduate most likely to achieve success. Following graduation, Cody didn’t stay in the province of of Purple Violets and Balsam Firs for long.

He visited the city of Montreal with a group of friends in early 2008, and the affect was instant: he fell in love with the city. Cody moved in 2009 and started his first job as a product photographer at Beyond The Rack and left in 2015 as manager of Photography. In the end, Cody left after managing 12 studios, directing the entire staff as well as outputting large volumes of product and creative imagery and video. Those early days on the job were spent honing his photographic, editing and management skills. He listened to business podcasts to and from work, and nights were for more photographing, plenty of studying and, of course, enjoying the incredible, electric city of Montreal.


After 5 years of building his business as a full-time employee for others, Cody took a chance on himself. He gathered the courage to leave the security of his full time salary job and jump 110% into his own business. The risk was high and initial payout was low, but he did it.

And it scared the hell out of him.

A couple years later, the business is bustling and employs six full-time employees and over 15+ freelancers. Cody continues to take every chance develop as both a photographer and businessman, and, because of this, the business continues to grow. Although he’s as busy as ever, he still takes time to pass his knowledge along to his eager team of employees – young, ambitious photographers.

Remind you of anyone?

Cody Caissie's professional journey 2005 to 2019


Started photography school at NBCCD


Cody meets Erica Steeves; his future business partner at Studio Cody Caissie (10 years later)


Cody leaves Fredericton New Brunswick behind in early Spring and moves to Montreal Quebec.


Cody starts his first job as a product photographer in a new start up named Beyond The Rack in late Autumn.


Cody gets his first credentials At Festival Mode & Design Montreal.


Cody gets his second publication.


Studio Cody Caissie has it’s own space

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