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Erica Steeves Boota Creative Director Head Stylist

Erica’s focus has always been on aesthetics - with interests from the fashion world to late-night cross-stitching, she was essentially born a Creative Director. As a young person and professional, Erica Boota has found new avenues to learn, work and travel. She followed a circuitous path through Moncton, New Brunswick and Los Angeles before setting roots in Montreal. Things have been pretty busy ever since - to say the least.

Growing up in Moncton, Springhill and Fredericton, Erica always had her sights set on those city lights - just about a province away. With plenty of fashion magazine subscriptions, she spent her childhood poring over editorial spreads and fashion layouts - cutting out pages and sticking them all over her wall. As a teen and young adult, Erica sharpened her creative skills, single-handedly designing, stitching, sewing and contributing 8 dresses in 7 years to the Heart & Stroke Red Dress Gala in New Brunswick. This was additional work to completing a Certificate in Visual Arts, Diploma in Fine Craft and Fashion and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts.

Did I mention she was busy?

She then pushed for her dream in the big city and chose a pretty big one. Los Angeles was home for an Associates Degree in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After years of study and work in Los Angeles, with direct work in her industry, she returned home to Canada.


In Montreal, Erica reconnected with an old friend: Cody Caissie. They first met in New Brunswick during school, and Cody caught Erica up on everything, including his new photography studio. After just a conversation, they knew they’d be a great team.

Today, sometimes, she not only directs; she’s also been diving in and learning to be a photographer as well. When you work with us, you might even catch her on set, executing her vision - from time-to-time, picking up the camera to capture an image. Maybe it’s a concept inspired by those early days, tearing out pages from fashion magazines and sticking them up on the wall of her childhood bedroom.

That young Erica must be excited about where she wound up.

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