Creative Brand Photographer


Position: Creative Brand Photographer

Start Date: ASAP

Job Type: Freelance

Schedule: Week Days (Monday to Friday) 9 am to 5 pm with possible overtime

Amount of Hours Per Week: 10 to 20+

Compensation: Starts at $17.00 to $25 per hour (unpaid 1-hour lunch)

Payment Guidelines: Invoice the studio once a week.

Payment Terms: Net 30, i.e., invoices, are paid out after 30 days from receiving it.

Probation/Training Period *PTP: 3 months/60 days i.e. 480 logged hours. Upon completion of the *PTP, an increase in hourly compensation will be up for review and based on the overall work performance/evaluation score conducted by Studio Management.

Studio Cody Caissie – one of Montreal’s top-rated e-Commerce Product Photography studios celebrating 10-years in business; is searching for a full-time Studio Manager/Project Coordinator.

We are a young and dynamic team working for amazing clients like Giant Tiger, Dormez-Vous, NewLook Eyewear, and many more. On any given day, we’ll be photographing jewelry, cosmetics, apparel on and off-model, and so much more. We are a Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm operation, based and working out of the old Cadbury Factory located in the Plateau, Montreal.

To learn more about the company, visit:

The position is Freelance/On-Call, which over time, may lead to full-time employment. 

Over-All Mandate:

Photographers must be reliable, friendly, cheerful with staff and clients, and have the skillsets to balance/navigate themselves through a busy/high-volumed work environment while being organized, and above all, have a desire to learn and become apart of the team.


  • Arriving at the studio or on-location at the time indicated or 15min earlier.
  • Dress and maintain a professional appearance while in the studio and on-location.
  • Follow and respect studio guidelines, including safety procedures.
  • Preparing and photographing the assigned projects deligated out by the Studio Manager / Project Coordinator while meeting all deadlines.
  • Lives in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Excellent interpersonal and time management skills.
  • Upbeat and fun personality.
  • Keen interest in Creative Branding photography, i.e., Marketing and Advertising
  • Knowledge/experience in working w/ Mac iOS Computers (PBS “provided by the studio”)
  • Knowledge/experience in working w/ Adobe Lightroom (PBS)
  • Knowledge/experience in working w/ Canon products (PBS)
  • Knowledge/experience in working w/ Profoto equipment (PBS)
  • Capacity to follow studio guidelines/procedures
  • Must be flexible working past 5 pm 
  • Be a quick learner who can pick up new processes/workflows and technology quickly.


  • Attention to detail
  • Organizational/problem-solving skills
  • Be able to collaborate as a team player as well as work autonomously
  • Self-motivated and willingness to learn
  • Capacity to work within a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Creative styling/propping in camera


  • Be part of a reputable/growing company while gaining experience working with various subjects, i.e., jewelry, eyewear, home decor, etc.
  • Working alongside with a young team of diverse individuals who are learning their craft while under the guidance of the Director of Photography Cody Caissie.
  • Moving between departments within the company, i.e., going on camera to complete more e-Commerce photography projects vs. Creative Branding imagery.
  • Moving between departments within the company, i.e., completing post-production editing on photos/video projects in the Retouching Department.
  • As the company grows and experience is gained, this position and others can lead to permanent employment.

COVID-19 considerations:

We follow all provincial required guidelines while providing masks and gloves for all freelancers, employees, and clients who visit while having hand sanitizer throughout the studio.

This Job Is:

  • An excellent opportunity for recent graduates from Photography School.
  • A job for freelancers looking for 10 to 20+ hours per week, if not more.
  • A role for which in-experienced candidates are encouraged to apply but must have a keen interest in Product e-Commerce Photography.
  • A good fit for applicants with gaps in their resume, or who have been out of the workforce for the past six months or more.
  • An excellent job for someone just entering the workforce or returning to the workforce with limited experience and education.
  • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma but excel at what we need.

Work Remotely: No

How To Apply:

To apply for this position, please use the form provided. We will reach out to you when/if interested in scheduling an interview.

Applicants who submit through our website, i.e., our form, only will be considered.

No Phone Calls, No e-Emails, No Walk-Ins, and No unscheduled meetings, please, and thank you.

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