Sneak Peek Saturday – Creative Photoshoot for HighonLove™

#SneakPeakSaturdays – Creative Photoshoot for HighonLove™


Romantic. Elegant. Satisfying.

HighOnLove™, a new sensuous fusion of superior grade cannabis oils and all-natural ingredients made to awaken the senses and redefine intimacy. HighOnLove™ revolutionizes the way you love. Designed to empower women to explore and embrace their sensual side, HighOnLove™ opulent bottle designs bring heightened style and luxury on the market. All of these qualities are exactly what we kept in mind for our creative photoshoot for HighOnLove™ online marketing imagery.

For HighOnLove™ creative photography services, we ensured to keep the brand values and key messages in all our imagery. With the skills of our professional photographer, skilled stylist, talented creative director and post edit retouching expert, we were able to come with the perfect creative concept.

Sneak Peek Saturday High On Love Chocolate Body Paint Creative Base Web Marketing Banner

The Art of Storytelling

A storytelling imagery campaign takes a lot more time and creative flare to build than regular e-commerce product shots taken on a white or black background. For this creative photoshoot, our main goal was to tell more of a story to enhance HighOnLove™ customers’ experience. To do so, we worked with stylish props that go hand in hand with the brand aesthetic and key values. We had to integrate feelings in what some would call it a simple image. We call it a creative imagery. Does a picture is worth a thousand words ring a bell? This is what we always aim for.

Sneak Peek Saturday High On Love Droplet Creative Base Web Marketing Banner

Creative Photography for All Web Platforms

Being specialists in creative photography for websites, social media, printed media and more, we knew exactly what to do be appealing for HighOnLove™’s branded audience. Every single frame was well thought to capture a story, an experience, thanks to our skilled content creators.

From the setup to the editing, each image went through a careful process: we examined and adjusted colour and brightness levels to ensure the proper tone and vibrant exposure. We removed any noticeable dust, scratches or imperfections. Every detail was taken into consideration before delivery. This way, the photos created for HighOnLove™ can now be inserted seamlessly in platforms such as Google Shopping, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, just to name a few.

We love working hard for our clients and we want you to have the same memorable experience working with us! Whether it is for beauty, fashion, food or lifestyle products, our fully equipped commercial photography team comes with over 10+ years of experience combined. To learn more about our Creative Premium services, do not hesitate to request a quote or fill in the form below.

Sneak Peek Saturday High On Love Creative Base Web Marketing Banner Stimulating O'Gel


– Director of Production: Cody Caissie

– Creative Director and Lead Photographer: Erica Steeves Boota

– Lead Retoucher: Jessica Moulaisson

– Location: Studio Cody Caissie

– City: Montreal

– Date: March 2019

– Brand: HighOnLove™

Post by Cody Caissie

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